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(Site is not a WebFirst design; for illustration only)

(Site is not a WebFirst design; for illustration only)

WebFirst is currently developing the AHRQ Medical Expenditure Panel Survey (MEPS) website in Drupal 7. WebFirst has brought our front end design and technical skills to bear on the project. This includes our Information Architecture and web design process which is based on industry standard design principles. The WebFirst team is currently in the process of updating the overall “look and feel” of the MEPS website to better align it with current AHRQ branding and style guidelines as well as making usability improvements to key functional areas. In addition to these design improvements, WebFirst is also working on automating the process for the review, approval, and publication of new and updated content on the MEPS website. This process includes migrating all functionality and content to Drupal, an open source content management system. Our integrated team of designers and web developers understands the importance of layout and design to the success of web development. Our team combines skills in front end design and GIS and data visualization capabilities, with strong project management, application development and data management skills.

Technologies and Techniques: Drupal 7, UX/UI, User-Centered Design, Workflow

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