Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services - Data Collection Project

WebFirst developed a data collection framework for the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). CMS is an agency within the US Department of Health & Human Services responsible for administration of several key federal health care programs including Medicare and Medicaid.

An example of one of the systems developed using our framework is the collected data under the Medication Therapy Management (MTM) and Outbound Enrollment and Verification (OEV) programs. This data will be used to monitor methods to help develop a systematic protocol in effort to ensure that Medicare plans are implemented in CMS approved programs. Metrics such as calls received and calls completed will be collected and analyzed. Furthermore, WebFirst has developed and implemented a web-based (with responsive elements) survey to determine the efficacy and value of the enrollment process. WebFirst followed the standard EPLC lifecycle –  which includes Design, Information Architecture, Web/Mobile/Responsive Development, Testing and Implementation.

This data collection effort involves several functions including– Upload/Download of Complex Data Sets, Algorithms for Error Checking of Data, Web Forms to Collect Data from the Plans, and User / Role Management Functions.

Examples of the metrics collected and analyzed include number of calls made, outcomes, etc.

Technologies used include: ASP.NET and Microsoft SQL Server.


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