KCIA engaged WebFirst to create a Drupal 7 based web tool to allow public access to academic and athletic data, which will be analyzed on an institutional basis and by other categories. We utilized our UI/UX process to deliver a clean, attractive, and easy to use website.
the education trust
See how WebFirst helped the Education Trust create an advanced "peer comparison" tool to allow policymakers, researchers, and journalists to search higher educational institutions.
WebFirst is currently working with HavServe in Lebrun, Haiti to collect primary education assessment data via Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 Mobile tablets. Our system will collect GPS, image and other data. See how we are helping HavServe in Haiti.
Center for Public Policy and Higher Education
The web site was designed to provide information about test scores and performance ratings as they relate to higher education. With this application, visitors can compare indicator scores and state grades. This site will grade all fifty states on its performance in five categories.

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