The Johns Hopkins School of Public Health - Johns Hopkins Vaccine Initiative

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The Johns Hopkins School of Public health came to WebFirst with a requirement to build the JHVI Vaccine Trials Database. The primary goals of the database are: to provide a centralized, readily accessible, comprehensive data repository for vaccine trial activities at the School; to provide information on JHSPH faculty members (e.g. contact information, list of publications, etc) to the end user; and to provide an exportable repository of comprehensive trials data (e.g. protocol number, funding mechanism, total amount of funding) to the JHVI management team.

WebFirst has developed a system using open source technologies that will serve as a central repository for all vaccine trial activities at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. With the system, users can easily update trial information and upload this data via the Web. Relationships have been developed between principal investigators and studies allowing for advanced searching options (by Pathogen, Product Name, Principal Investigator, Study Type and so on).

The site was developed using the Drupal Content Management System, with PHP/MySQL and other open source modules.

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