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The Health Impact Assessment Clearinghouse Learning and Information Center (HIA-CLIC) project is conducted by researchers at the UCLA School of Public Health (UCLA-SPH). The HIA project aims to assess the feasibility of HIA and to develop prototype HIAs that will ultimately result in more informed decision-making about public policies impacting health in the U.S.

WebFirst developed a web-based content management system with searchable database where researchers and legislators can search HIA summaries by Pathways, Sectors, Methods and Health Effects. Some examples of pathways include: Nutrition, Air pollution, Housing, and Physical Activity. Sectors include: Agriculture, Manufacturing, Energy and so on. Each HIA Summary was cross-indexed with Pathways, Sectors and Methods so that researchers can view all related HIAs. WebFirst utilized the Drupal Framework to develop the site and the content administration function. We followed our standard lifecycle process to develop the website.  With respect to the design, we worked with the HIA-CLIC staff to develop an optimal information architecture and site structure, and then presented two design compositions for review. Lastly, we implemented the HTML and dynamic components. The results: the staff at the SPH can now update the site via Content Management System and their two audiences (public health professionals and federal, state and local officials) are able to find policy reports, models, phases and procedures quickly and efficiently.  WebFirst developed the site using Drupal 6, PHP/MySQL, Photoshop and a variety of Design / Wireframing tools.

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