USAID – iPad / Android Mobile Project Tracker

WebFirst has been awarded a prime contract award to develop a mobile app to help USAID program managers monitor and track project activity at missions. A variety of indicators and measures will be collected via this app including basic project information, key problems identified, observations, partners and quantitative assessments. These assessments will help USAID determine overall performance and identify corrective actions in order to help improve project performance. Moreover, we will collect both the GPS location of the project as well as images of project activity via the built in camera. The mobile apps will also make use of the cloud for reporting and analytics purposes. WebFirst will develop 2 versions of the mobile client - an iPad version and Android tablet version.  Furthermore, WebFirst is currently assisting USAID with their infographics and data visualization requirements. SMS Text is also increasingly becoming a critical part of transmitting information as part of a data collection effort. Webfirst is also currently piloting several projects, using SMS forms to collect project data.

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