USAID - Dollars To Results

USAID's goal with "Dollars to Results" is to provide an integrated view of their investments by key entities (such as country, sector, initiative, implementing mechanism, and geographic location) - essentially linking strategic level to impact, outcome, and output. As a web-based approach to this view, WebFirst developed the Dollars to Results web application - linking dollars to outcome data for greater accountability and transparency for USAID’s budgetary, fiscal and programmatic data.

With Dollars to Results:

  • Users can drill down into USAID investments by country and sector (e.g. global health in South Sudan) - Linking US tax dollars to targeted results achieved in specific countries, creating transparency and accountability
  • Our site presents data in a an easily accessible and intuitive design that site visitors can engage with to find information quickly
  • The primary audience: The Public (and its legislators), Foreign Aid Recipient Country Stakeholders, and the Global Foreign Aid Community at large.

Project tasks include: Project Management, Information Architecture, Design, Development, Testing and deployment.  WebFirst also provides comprehensive documentation, training and ongoing maintenance.  The "Dollar to Results" website uses the Drupal 7 framework and is fully compliant with USAID Branding Guidelines.


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