Taking a Stand

The Federal Labor Relations Authority (FLRA) takes the lead in supporting more than two million federal employees worldwide, assisting with policy creation and revision, management relations, dispute resolution, regulatory compliance, and more. When they approached WebFirst with an idea, we were more than happy to add our support.


The Federal Labor Relations Authority

Creating an Inviting Place to Be

The plan was to overhaul the FLRA website as a whole. The first step was a complete redesign. The look and feel was carefully designed and enhanced by our team, making certain the site had its best face forward, and would be easy to use


The Federal Labor Relations Authority

Something Old and Something New

The Federal Labor Relations Authority

The purpose of the FLRA website is to help federal employees. To do that, FLRA hosts resources, such as an active training calendar, and acts as a mediator for disputes. Content is frequently uploaded, downloaded, modified, shared, and deleted.

We sat down with all the stakeholders and did a complete inventory of all the existing content. Next, we put together a site information architecture for the new site, mapping all the relevant content onto new pages—thousands of documents, links, and pages.

Then, using the trusty Drupal Content Management System, WebFirst was able to incorporate portions of the old site that were already active, utilizing custom scripts which helped us merge more than eight thousand authority decisions and topics to help build a new database. Once all the studies were uploaded into Drupal, we held training sessions with FLRA staff on updating the new site.

Facilitating Peace of Mind

Throughout all the changes, our goal was to make things simple for FLRA employees. To help with this, we provide help desk support on anything needed from patches and upgrades, to development and training.

We are proud to partner with FLRA in supporting federal employees to do their important jobs with knowledge, security, and confidence now and into the future. And stay tuned for updates, as this year we're making a brand new fully responsive site for mobile.

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