Integrity through Transparency

The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) maintains the goal of combating global poverty. It acts primarily through stabilizing volatile regions, and by fostering the growth and development of productive, safe communities. Because of their role in disbursing taxpayer funds, USAID has maintained a commitment through multiple administrations to open data and transparency. This commitment identified a key necessity for the American people: easy access to open data.

USAID wanted to develop a web-based application that would provide the most information in the easiest-to-understand format to the widest range of the public. WebFirst was approached to design and create the database and application in Drupal, and together we developed "Dollars to Results."


Dollars to Results

The design focused on three goals:

WebFirst utilized unique data visualization tools (e.g. HighCharts), allowing users to drill down into spending data by country and category, gaining insights and transparency on USAID spending – matching spending to tangible outcomes.

Emphasize the commitment to transparency. This would be accomplished by linking spending directly with results in a select number of countries. The approach would be unique to USAID and allow for accuracy coupled with clarity.

Display the data in an appealing way through the use of graphics and quick number breakdowns. The information would be presented in an easy-to-understand way so that everyone from international observers to legislators to the average American could easily determine how their contributions were being effectively used.

Present the information in a way that encourages further learning. Using a limited number of countries as examples fosters the curiosity of visitors, prompting them to explore and expand their understanding.

Empowerment for Future Generations

While the fight to end poverty has not yet ended, seeing examples of how we’re able to assist helps strengthen our resolve. Concrete results drive us to further action. With focus and determination, we are happy to support USAID as they continue to invest now for the future generations of tomorrow.


Dollars to Result

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