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WebFirst has launched a learning management system (LMS) framework for a Grants Management Course for the Department of Justice. Key components including: registration, log-in, validation, quizzes, final exam, certificate creation, and reporting. The Training course consists of various modules ranging from costing, procurement, personnel, fraud and program performance. Following our standard software development methodology, WebFirst performed requirements analysis on the system – eliciting requirements from the end-user. After the requirements phase, WebFirst decided to leverage the Moodle open source learning management framework. Moodle is a popular LMS package among educators around the world as a tool for creating online dynamic web sites for their students. WebFirst has assisted with the instructional design, importing of the course material and review. Moreover, WebFirst’s designer, web developer and hosting specialists implemented various out the box features (quizzes, lessons, grading, reporting) and customized the package (student expiration, grants/vendor ids) to meet the needs of the Department. The course has been made available to almost 30,000 grantees.

WebFirst has also trained end-users on the system as part of our rapid prototyping approach.

Technologies Used: Moodle, PHP/MySQL, Windows Server, HTML / CSS

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