USDA Information Architecture, Taxonomy, and User Experience Case Study site wireframe
(Wireframe only)
USDA’s goal with its “Information Architecture, Taxonomy, and User Experience Design” report is to provide recommendations that will result in a new and improved website. The new website will feature improved usability, increased access to content, and a warmer brand identity. 
To meet this challenge, WebFirst utilized a best practices approach that considers multiple perspectives and ideas. By reaching out to key stakeholders; performing content reviews, studies, surveys, and workshops; and analyzing both historical and current information/documentation about, WebFirst recommended changes to the Information Architecture and Taxonomy that will be the foundation for an improved website. 
The new website will: 
• Adhere to industry best practices 
• Be easy to navigate and use 
• Make relevant information (content, resources, programs, services, stories, messages, and initiatives) available to users/target audiences. 
The primary audiences for the website: Stakeholders, the General Public, and Secondary Groups (e.g., Farmers, Agricultural Workers, Rural Communities, Volunteers, Students, Educators, Researchers, USDA employees, other Federal Agency Employees, and Professional Organizations). 
Project tasks include: Project Management, Information Architecture, Conducting Workshops, Content Review, Design, Wireframe and Taxonomy Development. 

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