Search Engines & Text Mining

WebFirst specializes in building new search engines. Our mission is to help policy makers and researchers make their decisions more efficiently as when they're looking for research studies, health quality data sets, or education related data. Combining the latest search engine technology together with the use of solid UX/UI design skills, we enable users to drill down into the data they are looking for – faster and more efficiently!

Search Engine Technology

Apache Solr is at the heart of many innovative search-based applications. WebFirst utilizes Solr for a variety of searching techniques including faceted searches, Hit highlighting, textual search, clustering based on Carrot2 and Caching. Our solutions deliver a comprehensive solution to a wide range of challenges that developers face when they move beyond simple search. We have implemented Solr internally in our private cloud and have also leveraged other partner cloud implementations such as Acquia’s search (Solr) service. Moreover, our team is experienced with integrating Solr with a number of frameworks including LAMP, Drupal, and Wordpress.

Text Mining

WebFirst is experienced in developing text mining applications. We look to use the best combination of open source and other vendor solutions to provide our clients with solutions that help them tag, identify, rank and automate data. We can create and train classifiers that can help you tag your data with pertinent keywords or perform sentiment analysis using our suite of text mining tools.

Our Text Mining tools improve:


  • Options are ranked and presented,
  • Ensures correct tags are at hand,
  • Reduces small nuanced errors

Efficiency & Speed

  • Automation provides a smooth workflow across relevant sites and databases
  • Smooth workflow enables quick tagging decisions

Fatigue Relief

  • Automation eliminates non-critical work,
  • Allows people to focus on what they do best

WebFirst has familiarity with Text Mining tools and techniques such as:

Alpine Data, TextMineR, Keywords, Word Vectorization, LDA, Clustering, Associative Analysis

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Examples of our work in Search Engines & Text Mining

See how the the WebFirst team is updating the overall “look and feel” of the MEPS website to better align it with current AHRQ branding and style guidelines. Usability improvements are also being made to key functional areas such as data queries.
KCIA engaged WebFirst to create a Drupal 7 based web tool to allow public access to academic and athletic data, which will be analyzed on an institutional basis and by other categories. We utilized our UI/UX process to deliver a clean, attractive, and easy to use website.
WebFirst has developed a series of web based tools and services including an exhibitor portal, mobile applications, international yearbook, and executive training.
the education trust
See how WebFirst helped the Education Trust create an advanced "peer comparison" tool to allow policymakers, researchers, and journalists to search higher educational institutions.
Learn more about the various data collection system developed for the CMS - including Medication Therapy Management (MTM) and Outbound Enrollment and Verification (OEV) programs.
Federal Labor Relations Authority
WebFirst developed the first Drupal-based federal agency website allowing stakeholders to search decisions by a variety of criteria including volume, decision text, parties and case number.

Trust the Designer

Design is much more than "look and feel." Design is a philosophy and an attitude, encompassing everything from layout and color to architecture and interface to typography and illustration.

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