International Alzheimer's and Related Dementias Research Portfolio (IADRP)

For the National Institutes on Aging, the leading federal agency responsible for Alzheimer’s Disease and related dementias research, WebFirst developed a Drupal-based database to track, make searchable, analyze Alzheimer’s disease (AD) research projects. Our team also linked and integrate multiple external databases and resources into a central database or portal, enabling NIH staff, the larger domestic and international research community, and the public (“users”) to easily access and analyze AD grant activity.

Portfolio Analysis - Feature Set

IADRP screenshot

The WebFirst development team, created the web database and visual design in Drupal, developed semantic search capabilities, created intuitive and customized analytics with visualization and portfolio analysis tools, developed an API for content syndication, integrated with other related biorepositories, and developed a content workflow.

The cornerstone of the application is the innovative use of cost-competitive, cutting edge open source visualization tools to allow researchers, funders and policymakers to analyze the funding data (i.e. who is funding projects, disaggregated by category, geographic distribution, etc.) We have exposed the funding data using thought-provoking visualizations such as sunbursts, bar charts, and pie charts.

For a detailed description of the project watch this tutorial video:


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