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We’re an award-winning Web applications company, specializing in helping federal agencies, non-profits and associations with their Web and mobile technology needs - making their sites faster, simpler and easier to use. The company leverages its experience and past performance in building Web and mobile applications, creating specialized quality solutions - on time and within budget. We build strong, long term relationships with our clients. WebFirst doesn’t just listen to what our clients have to say. We absorb what they want and we deliver to meet their needs. The result: extremely happy clients.

Why We Are Different

The WebFirst approach is very simple: We work hard every day to achieve the highest quality, most cost-effective solution possible. We test rigorously and communicate effectively; delivering software that works. Our thorough process saves our clients time and money by creating more efficient workflows, better business intelligence and improved brand awareness. We use software development and web best practices as a model for our web designs and applications. What we deliver:

  • Attention to detail – We test, fine tune, and make sure your website is operating at the highest levels
  • Innovation – we devote a percentage of our time to investigating new technologies and how they can help our clients
  • We listen to our clients, understand them and deliver what they want

Contract Vehicles

ContractsContact Name/phone #E-mail
GSA MAS (formerly IT70)Kassidy Driskell / (301) 670-1690 x295gsait70@webfirst.com
GSA 8(a) STARS IIIKassidy Driskell / (301) 670-1690 x2958astars3@webfirst.com
CIO-SP3 Small BusinessSanjay Patel / (301) 670-1690 x208ciosp3@webfirst.com

WebFirst Project Management Philosophy

WebFirst Project Management Philosophy

Our project management philosophy is firmly founded upon two-way communication.  Project engagements require teams, and the success or failure of those teams is highly dependent on effective communication, both within the team and with outside stakeholders.  So how do we create more effective communication?  We start simply by listening.  Our active listening process allows us to better understand the needs of our clients.  In addition, we believe in honesty and transparency.  We are always up front with what we are doing--both with what is going well, and with what requires further improvement.  This active listening framework fits into our Agile process where we iteratively break down and complete work.  We work closely with stakeholders to define the work and then we demonstrate the work to round out the feedback loop we use for improving our product.  In the end we view our work as a collaborative process, where we work with our clients to attain mutually beneficial goals.  Finally, we integrate innovation into our project management process - bringing new ideas, technologies and systems to bear where needed.

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