• Testing with Behat Helps Deliver Higher Quality Software at Lower Cost for Federal Managers

    Behat is a helpful Open Source framework designed for behavioral testing. Behavioral testing mimics user behavior (such as clicks and acceptance testing) in order to see what’s really going on within an application. Learn more about this powerful testing tool!
  • Why Drupal 8 Is the Optimal Platform for Federal Websites

    From the National Institutes of Health to Commerce Department and the U.S. Department of Agriculture, more of the government’s digital presence exists on Drupal 8. Drupal’s ease of use, flexibility, and broad support have driven federal adoption, leaving other open source competitors such as Joomla and Wordpress in its wake. There are a few reasons why. Simple modules that provide efficient content management with NO licensing costs; Central management of critical infrastructure; Improved accessibility of web services from any device; High-grade security that protects personally identifiable information. We’ll consider each of these points closely.
  • Using Visualization Techniques to Improve our Understanding of the Opioid Crisis

    We at WebFirst, present a case study of how to communicate Opioid related datasets more clearly and effectively. We utilize data visualization best practices to allow the reader to gain a deeper understanding of the trends. Visualization is the field of research that studies effective communication of quantitative results by linking perception, cognition, and algorithms to exploit the bandwidth of the human visual cortex.

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