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The Center for Cancer Research (CCR) is the largest division of the NCI intramural research program and comprises nearly 250 basic and clinical research groups located on two campuses outside of Washington, DC. It is home to an extraordinary group of scientists and clinicians exploring the cutting-edge of cancer and HIV/AIDS research.  CCR’s scientists work on a wide spectrum of biological and biomedical problems ranging from visualizing and understanding the structure of individual genes and proteins, developing novel methods for drug discovery, to inventing biomedical devices and technology and creating innovative ways to treat patients in the NIH Clinical Center.

A New Foundation

WebFirst is currently migrating the CCR website from the Drupal 7 to Drupal 8 Migration to modernize and enhance the office's capability to update their website and provide mobile services. WebFirst implemented a full-fledged discovery phase in order gain a deeper understanding into the current structure and function of the Drupal 7 website. WebFirst started the project with an in-depth review of the current CCR website, where we conducted a series of ad hoc requirements gathering sessions that focus on all aspects of the site migration. Specific pain points were explored and captured.

Drupal 7 to Drupal 8 Migration

Leveraging our knowledge of the Project Management Institute’s (PMI) Project Management Body of Knowledge and our experience with managing projects of similar size and scope, WebFirst is delivering a high-quality Drupal site migration both on time and on budget.

In parallel with the requirements phase, our Information Architect assessed the needs of the CCR site and analyzed the D7 site navigation and page structure in collaboration with stakeholders. Our content audit – thru ROT analysis – establishes a plan to edit, retire, and create new content. WebFirst is extremely proud to be helping CCR in their mission to improve the lives of all cancer patients by solving important, challenging, and neglected problems in cancer research and patient care.

A New Image

Center for Cancer Research

Our design plan is to take a mobile-first approach: developing and refining in collaboration with stakeholders, offering several design reviews of the CCR home page, landing page, and an article page.

A style guide will also be developed. These designs, along with a style guide, serve as a foundation for the site redesign. This design will further extend to all sections of the site during the development phase.

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