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For over thirty-five years, the Private Label Manufacturers Association (PLMA) has provided representation for thousands of companies and brands. WebFirst has supported this effort for over a decade through web and mobile development. Together we’ve worked to make operations effortless for more than four thousand vendors, eleven thousand attendees, and staff of the facilities we use.

PLMA’s tradeshow brings together top wholesalers (e.g. ADM) as well as top retailers like Aldi, Costco, and Safeway in one of the largest trade shows in North America. Thus, high quality, rapid response and utilization of the latest technologies are our top priority in meeting PLMA’s needs. Our collaboration has led to development of a host of tools that set a standard other organizations hope to imitate.



Solutions to Enable Data-Driven Decisions

Storebrands USA

Beyond trade shows, we have also worked with PLMA to develop:

  • The Internet Yearbook. A searchable database of quarterly sales volume and dollar share information for all private label foods in the U.S.
  • Executive Training Sessions. A custom-designed online training series including webinars.
  • IDEA Supermarket. An extensive, searchable product and retailer database.
  • The Store Brands USA Website. With pricing data from around the world, users are able to compare prices of name brand products versus store brand.
  • Hosting and Cloud-Based Services (CDN). A low-cost, high-availability hosting solution for PLMA's videos.

Tradeshows Gone Mobile

With over three thousand exhibitors at their trade show, PLMA needed a way to find information about the exhibitors easily and to help attendees navigate the show floor. We suggested the creation of a  trade show app which included an interactive floor map. With the mobile application we achieved the following:

  • An interactive floor map for annual shows, with the ability to examine individual booths for exhibitor details, and allow some members to make appointments to meet exhibitors.
  • A browsable catalog of products offered by exhibitors, allowing you to search for products by Category, Subcategory, certain qualifiers, and country. Results also indicate when companies have new product announcements.
  • A list and schedule of seminars, speakers, and workshops.
  • News, updates, and lists of any important information needed.
Show Floor Plan

Catering for More Choice, Globally

As consumer markets around the world continue to grow, the need for private labels and less-expensive choices for consumers will grow along with it. The continued success of PLMA's promotion will help growth globally. WebFirst enables that growth digitally, and we look forward to its expansion in the years to come.

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