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The Voice of America (VOA) broadcasts about 1,800 hours of radio and television each week to a global audience of over 236 million people in 47 languages.  VOA also publishes to a variety of digital platforms including mobile, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. WebFirst created a user friendly interface by which audio interviews can be uploaded, transcribed and translated into one of over 140 languages. The best fit for translation engines are determined on the fly using a AI system.

VOA Ipsum


WebFirst is currently developing innovation projects in the areas of:
Mobile Development with Augmented Reality (AR) & Gamification
Integrating mobile statistics using different packages such as Google Tag Manager
Chatbots with AI features
IOT and Home Speaker Appliances (e.g. Google Home and Amazon Alexa)
Automated Translation and Transcription application using AI tools such as Google AI and Amazon AI.

IOT / Home speaker Appliances

Smart Home Speaker

WebFirst is currently integrating Amazon Alexa, Google Home and Apple Homekit with VOA radio feeds. As an example, we have created several Alexa Skills to enable VOA users to request various radio shows by voice command alone (e.g. "Play VOA Thai").

WebFirst has developed and maintains a number of mobile applications written in both native (iOS/Android) and cross platform (Cordova) technologies. Our applications have helped VOA achieve their innovation goals, by providing a suite of AI based tools accessible agency-wide.
VOA English Mobile App


VOA Our Voice App

VOA Our Voice


Music Time in Africa

Music Time in Africa

Mobile Application

VOA offers a series called Music Time in Africa hosted by Heather Maxwell. The goal is to author a mobile application presenting this series in an easy to use mobile application to capture a younger audience, many who having grown up around technology and who expect a low friction experience with features common to similar apps.

The application will be built using the React Native framework, allowing simultaneous development on both the Android and iOS platforms with a singular code base. This approach will also allow for certain features to be integrated through pre-built solutions that often exceed the quality of native solutions – which while pure native implementations are often faster, they do take significantly longer to implement and require advanced knowledge of both platforms. React Native provides an excellent middle ground to easily maintainable shared code, while avoiding the lengthy and sometimes complex native development process.

Music Time in Africa


VOA 360 App

VOA 360


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