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With WebFirst’s PhiCollect system, we have created an open source data collection platform that is flexible, scalable, cloud-based, and affordable. PhiCollect allows you to collect data from and publish to a variety of platforms (Web, Android, Apple iOS, SMS). We have leveraged two existing, well-established platforms in the design of our system - Open Data Kit (Android App) integrated with the Drupal (open source) framework. We can also configure ODK to work with your database!

With PhiCollect, mobile health researchers can analyze data more effectively and communicate with each other in a more effective and efficient way, furthering mutual goals in a variety of fields including: public health, emergency response, food security and facilities management. By using platforms that have readily available modules, important functions can be easily added at relatively low cost.

Why utilize Drupal?

By using the Drupal framework, we can leverage all of the forms, permissions and contrib modules, helping to improve data management and analysis by utilizing the latest techniques and methods. For example, leveraging 3rd party machine Learning engines and data visualization packages (e.g. Tableau) is a snap! 

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Key Features

Easy to Administer – Creating your own forms is a snap
Data Collection via SMS and low cost Android / j2me phones, with Apple iOS coming soon.
GPS location capture and visualize data with Google maps
Multimedia (pictures, audio, video) capture
Graphing and Charting Capabilities using the latest HTML 5 technology
Workflow rules and triggers (e.g. reminder settings, data quality review)
Social media sharing of datasets for non (PII) private information
Security – Built-in industrial strength Drupal-based authentication with secure data transfer
Barcode Scanning
Cloud-based hosting as well as server product options available

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