Data Visualization and Informatics

Data Visualization encompasses many disciplines – involving the creation and study of the visual representation of Data. By using charts, graphs or maps to visualize large amounts of complex data, the human brain can process this data more efficiently and easily. We can convey concepts in a universal manner.
Data Visualization


Data Visualization

WebFirst has experience utilizing both open source as well as commercial software to turn data into simple to understand relationships.

We have the experience to integrate these visualization technologies seamlessly into a Content Management Framework to allow your organization to explain your data in a easy-to-understand way!


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Where does Informatics Come in? The term “informatics” broadly describes the study and practice of creating, storing, finding, manipulating and sharing information. We’ve been highly successful creating sites that allow researchers to search biomedical information, find a dataset and then visualize the data to create a deeper understanding of how research dollars are spent.
Data Visualization

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