Open Data Solutions

Open Data Solutions

Is your Agency struggling with open data standards?

Then look no further than open data solutions from WebFirst!

The President’s Executive Order and accompanying Open Data Policy – Managing Information as an Asset, issued on May 9, 2013, expand on the principles of Open Government to make the Federal government more open, transparent and collaborative with its citizens, stakeholders and the public. When put to work to meet recent open data standards, these tools make program funding and performance data visible and easy to use.

Open Data Solutions for Government Agencies

WebFirst open data solutions are designed to help government agencies meet these standards, leading to:

Better Decision Making

Opening up data allows agencies to make better spending and logistical decisions. Agencies can do more with smaller budgets

Increased Data Discoverability

We leverage the open data metadata format to tag datasets making them machine readable. This reduces data silos and deployment costs and enabling more efficient work processes.

Increased Public Trust

Exposing data in a standard and open format increases the public trust.

Automated work processes

Avoiding manual work reduces labor and operations costs and cuts the effort of planning projects and analyzing information.

Open Data Solutions

Your Open Door to Open Data

We build customized, on-premises solutions with the best IT assets and resources.

Deep Data Act Expertise

We understand the open data format by closely following the GSA 18F group's progress in providing data verification and transformation tools such as the Data Act pilot broker.

Our APIs

Enable you to share, integrate and analyze structured and unstructured data easily and efficiently —without time-consuming configuration and preparation tasks.

Advanced Tools

Such as dashboards and specialized analytics software help you get a clear, complete and up-to-the-minute understanding of your data.

Experienced data scientists and software engineers

We utilize our technical know-how to create customized applications.

Open source with Open Data

We combine the best of both worlds: innovation and lower cost of open source technologies with the power and standardization of open data

Maximum Social Value with Minimum Resources

WebFirst open data software helps you find, use, share and distribute information with minimal time, effort and specialized experience. Here are just a few examples of our open data solutions.

USAID: The Dollars to Results system maps

USAID program funding for outcomes. Our solution used a Drupal CMS approach and open data methods – utilizing the latest metadata formats for tagging datasets. U.S. citizens, legislators and foreign aid stakeholders quickly find and review agency budget, fiscal and program information.

AHRQ: Medical Expenditure Panel Survey website.

The customized website we built for AHRQ exposes spending data in standard, open formats, allowing health quality researchers efficient access to the data. Advanced Query tools allow for increased insights and decision making ability into spending decisions.

NIH / National Institutes of Neurological Disease and Stroke:

WebFirst is developing a website where Neuroscientists can search on research specific to Epilepsy and related conditions. By providing open grant funding information, policymakers can make better investment decisions by identifying areas of over-investment and gaps.

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