Customer Experience as a Foundation for our Web Design Thinking

What makes a site engaging and usable? A Strong design process based on a user-centric design approach that follows Customer Experience (CX) best practices. Web and mobile site design should be usable, obvious and self-explanatory. For federal agencies, we follow standards such as Section 508, US Digital Design, and FISMA.

WebFirst Web Design


Critical success factors include: Proper planning and thorough research with your target audience.
Focus Group
Online Surveys
Client Interview
Analytics Reviews
Content Audit

User Experience / User Interfaces

Navigation should be intuitive with visual clues to help users find the information of interest quickly and easily

Site Maps

A sitemap is an effective planning tool for designers and developers. The sitemap helps to create organization and streamline the number of pages.


Wireframes are analogous to a blueprint of a new house construction. Give you a sense for what the site will look like without colors, fonts, and other specific visual elements.

Creative Briefs

Creative Briefs are a strong way of collecting design requirements and branding standards. Very important as a functional basis for the site design.


Designing Mobile First

WebFirst Mobile First

Mobile first design involves designing for the smallest screen first, then progressively adding more features and content for larger and larger screens.  If the site content works for on a mobile site, the content will work across all screen sizes. This design is more content focused and user focused.  Following a strong UX/UI responsive design process, will result in high quality website that is accessible to the widest possible audience.


Writing strong content keeps users engaged and interested in your website.
Brand Messaging
Content Strategy
Content Marketing
Copy Writing


A strong visual design should have elements of proximity, balance, alignment and repetition, contrast & whitespace.
Web Design
Responsive Design
User Interface Design
Logo & Illustration
Style Guides

Tools & Technologies

Moving from the visual design compositions to properly coded themes, requires skill and experience.

Thus, it is also critical to have the right tools in order to create high quality websites, that are usable, content rich, with a strong design aesthetic. That's where front end frameworks such as Angular, HTML5, JQuery and others are so important.

Atom & Other Code Editors

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